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0003638SUMoNew Featurepublic2019-08-26 14:06
Reporterhobothulhu Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Summary0003638: Suggestion: Add note to ignore entries
DescriptionWhile adding a program to the ignore list, it would be useful to have the ability to save a short text note. For example, if SUMo scans my computer and finds 'ProgramFoo', I can right click to add it to ignore, and have a popup asking if I want to add a short note to that entry in the ignore list. In this example, I would want to add the note because 'ProgramFoo' might not work for me after the current update, and I want to remember that.
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2019-07-20 11:46

reporter   ~0003583

I want this feature too, i.e. to note why I want this product temporarily or permanently ignored for update reporting. This may have to do with product publishers update policy or product publishers update rollout policy.

I.e. Microsoft has rolled out its last Windows 10 functional update on two devices while refusing and warning to do so on my main device as Microsoft fears incompatibility issues on that device with a link to a list of known issues feared relevant to my main device. I had put Windows 10 components on all these devices onto SUMo ignore list. And rollout of Windows on two devices cleared that ignore list on these devices. That's appropriate though poorly documented.

I've also portable frameworks running and added to SUMo scan and report folders. Some of its components don't receive updates because the original tool publisher or porter of tool to Windows no longer provides such ported updates or has issues with the port. Then there are cases where the publisher of the ported component announced that updates will no longer be done as the non-ported tool changed its update policy becoming incompatible with rights and licenses of the portable framework.


2019-07-20 12:01

reporter   ~0003584

BTW, I'm not sure if it is a good idea to provide such an option for adding a note to the ignore list just when adding to the ignore list. I may want to add such notes also to entries already on the ignore list. So adding a provision to add a note while putting a detected and reported tool on SUMo ignore list is good, I want such an option also for entries already on the ignore list.

So extending the ignore list popup window and editor for adding a note on its list members has higher priority for me then to provide such an extension to the context menu handler for moving an entry of the SUMo report list to the SUMo ignore list as the latter only handles new entries, ignoring already existing entries of the SUMo ignore list.

And if thinking if such a note field may be using preselected fixed text or have a free text field, I want to remind that reasons to add a note may be related not just to the tool but instead to the device main user or the device main uses. I may want to have different restrictions for devices entitled for online banking then for devices entitled for online purchases and again then for internal duties like database processing, document processing and so on. And I may have to want different restrictions on devices used only at home compared to devices used mobile in a train, a bus or a (physical, classical) shopping mall.

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