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0004271SUMoBugpublic2017-03-12 12:26
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PlatformOSWindows 10 x64 ProOS Version
Product Version5.1.3 
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Summary0004271: Updated Software still shows as not updated
DescriptionI have updated True Image 2017 to its latest version. It is listed twice, first as needing updated, and then further down the list as up to date. Also Media Build shows as needing updated, yet this should not be because it is part of the update I just installed.
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2017-03-12 11:27

reporter   ~0002552

Green Tick - Acronis TrueImage Home (Standard) version installed, and up to date
but Red ! Acronis TrueImage installed and update available. Version is the Premium version which I do not have installed.

HP Digital Imaging (64 bits) installed, but 57.0.2987.98 update version available. I go to HP's website, and this is no where available, not even HP's update utility shows this version.


2017-03-12 12:22

administrator   ~0002556

I'd suggest right click > Ignore on the item you want to remove

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