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0000043PhotoToFilmBugpublic2006-03-16 23:21
Reporterhannibalstgt Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Summary0000043: ExpertMode: Video hangs as long as sound is available
DescriptionA video generated in expert mode single image
(DivX 6.1 640x480) with a sound file selected,
hangs as long as sound is available.
It seems, that there are sync points at which the video waits until the sound has reached this point.
As soon as the sound is finished, the video goes on correctly.

This happens if you use the Windows Media Player. If you use the DivX Player, everything is correct.
(BTW: The sound has the correct length in this example - it is 73 seconds long if watched with the DivX Player)

See example movie you can download from (mind the case)
Additional InformationA guess about a reason for the DIVX incompatibility.

What are you doing if you have to enlarge images.
Do you resample them or just add a border.
It seems, that the codec incompatibility is caused due to images which are smaller than the defined video dimension.

I think (but I am not quite sure) DivX is capable itself to resize the input to the required size. That is probably why VirtualDub works fine.
Ask the DivX support or the VirtualDub folks for the relevant parameter.
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has duplicate 0000023 closedKyle_Katarn Freeze in Expert Mode if sound is selected 



2006-02-28 12:03

reporter   ~0000039

If you download the video and open it with FireFox the sound is scrambled.
I don't know, what kind of Plugin Firefox uses to play videos. In my installation it just started to play back the downloaded file.


2006-02-28 13:49

administrator   ~0000040

Isn't this a duplicate for issue 000023 ?


2006-02-28 15:17

reporter   ~0000041

Last edited: 2006-02-28 15:19

It is very closely related to Nr 23.
The new information is, that it plays correctly after sound is complete, and the scrambled sound in FireFox.
But you can kill this and expand 23.

Have also a look at the potential cause of the DivX incompatibility.


2006-03-08 12:26

administrator   ~0000067

Does this also occurs with BSPlayer and DivX 6.1.1 ?


2006-03-08 16:07

reporter   ~0000068

BSPlayer Version 1.39.829 shows exactly the same behaviour as the Windows Media Player


2006-03-08 17:14

administrator   ~0000071

i have contacted BSPlayer dev team. i'm waiting for their feedback.

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