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0004304SUMoNew Featurepublic2017-04-13 22:34
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Product Version5.1.5 
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Summary0004304: When items in results list are selected, make toolbar Check button behave the same as right-click context-menu Check command
DescriptionOnce a results list has been generated and some of the applications in the list have been updated, it's possible to recheck only the out-of-date items by selecting them, right-clicking, and selecting Check. This is much faster than rechecking the entire list. Unfortunately, it's easy to absentmindedly click the toolbar Check button and launch a recheck of the entire list. I suggest that whenever items in the results list have been selected by the user, the toolbar Check button should behave the same as the right-click context-menu Check command and recheck only the selected items. Once that limited check has run, the previously selected items would be unselected (i.e., no items in the list would remain selected) and the toolbar Check button would revert to its current behavior (i.e., it would recheck the entire list).
Steps To ReproduceOn a computer that has a lot of applications installed on it, run a SUMo scan and check that results in at least three out-of-date applications.

Update one of the out-of-date applications.

In SUMo, select all out-of-date applications, right-click, and select Check. The recheck runs quickly and the updated application disappears from the out-of-date section.

Update another one of the out-of-date applications.

In SUMo, select all out-of-date applications and click on the toolbar Check button. The entire list of all scanned applications is rechecked, which takes a long time if there are a lot of applications installed. At the end of the operation, the updated application will have disappeared from the out-of-date section.
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2017-04-13 22:34

administrator   ~0002578

May be frustrating for used used to the current design
Other users : what's your feedback ?

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