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0004307SUMoBugpublic2017-05-01 14:32
ReporterPrayingKungFuAssigned ToKyle_Katarn 
Status closedResolutionnot fixable 
PlatformWindowsOSWindows 7 x64OS Version7 SP1
Product Version5.1.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004307: No Distinction between Free and Paid Version of Same Products lead to Wrong Update Suggestion and Dead Ends
DescriptionMany Software products have Free and Paid versions. SUMo does not distinguish between them and hence will imply an update is needed for a free version that does NOT exist for the free version - only the paid one. For example, as of this writing Macrium Reflect (, a backup software) have V7 for paid version but V6 for Free. SUMo suggested I update to V7 which is incompatible not to mention NOT free....
Steps To Reproduce1) Install latest V6 of aboove Macrium Reflect on Windows 7
2) Install and deploy SUMo and see you get "Update to 7.0.2180.0" suggestion

note: Today as I write this is 4-12-17. Depending on WHEN you're reading thgis bug, there may be a Free V& so you will need another product with similar circumstances (Free & Paid versions which are DIFFERENT in version number for SAME products) to reproduce bu
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2017-04-13 04:36


IMG_0841 Apr. 12, 2017.jpg (219,898 bytes)
IMG_0841 Apr. 12, 2017.jpg (219,898 bytes)
IMG_0842 Apr. 12, 2017.jpg (156,783 bytes)
IMG_0842 Apr. 12, 2017.jpg (156,783 bytes)


2017-04-13 18:31

administrator   ~0002577

Anything in exe file properties that could help to differentiate ?


2017-05-01 14:29

reporter   ~0002606

I cannot find any information in the properties. There is only a license file in the install directory.

License.rtf (19,526 bytes)
screenshot_108.png (20,318 bytes)
screenshot_108.png (20,318 bytes)


2017-05-01 14:32

administrator   ~0002607

Sorry, in this case there's nothing i can do.
I recommend to right click > skip > Forever

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