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0000044K-MLBugpublic2006-03-17 22:11
ReporterRemy Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.31 
Fixed in Version3.33 
Summary0000044: no accent in mail title
DescriptionThe contacts lost the accents that are included in the title of the mail, whatever the mail client is.

For instance, I just tried to send a mail with the following title :

"j'ai testé à la maison"

and all the contacts received :

"j'ai test la maison"

The 'Characters set' option is set to 'Central European (ISO 8859-1)' and I confirm that:
- the mail clients DOES receive accents
- the smtp account is able to route characters with accent (I sent a mail with Outlook using the same smtp account as the one configured in KML and it works perfectly well, accents are kept)
Additional Informationif my memory serves me right, I didn't have any issue with the first releases of KML...
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related to 0000075 resolvedKyle_Katarn No accent in the sender name 



2006-03-16 08:59

administrator   ~0000077

Does this problem also occurs when using a different characters set ? (Western Europe, Latin-1,...) ?

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