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0004609SUMoBugpublic2019-07-26 18:29
Reporterataraxia Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version5.4.4 
Summary0004609: Android SDK Platform Tools not detected
DescriptionSUMo does not detect the Android SDK Platform Tools. I did try adding their directory manually to the additional folders list but it made no difference.

This software can be downloaded at and there is a usable changelog there to check for new versions. The download is a simple zip file with no installer which can be unpacked wherever the user wants. The zip file unpacks to a folder called "platform-tools" which contains several EXEs and DLLs, and a "" file which can be parsed for the version of the software.
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2018-01-01 17:47

administrator   ~0002757

Please attach SUMo logs in debug mode after trying to add these files.


2018-01-01 19:30

reporter   ~0002758

OK, the debug logs show these messages for the affected files:

Verbose [18-01-01 13:24:29] Removing C:\Program Files (x86)\platform-tools\sqlite3.exe (Cause : Empty / Invalid version (sqlite3 / / ))
Verbose [18-01-01 13:24:29] Removing C:\Program Files (x86)\platform-tools\mke2fs.exe (Cause : Empty / Invalid version (mke2fs / / ))
Verbose [18-01-01 13:24:29] Removing C:\Program Files (x86)\platform-tools\make_f2fs.exe (Cause : Empty / Invalid version (make_f2fs / / ))
Verbose [18-01-01 13:24:29] Removing C:\Program Files (x86)\platform-tools\hprof-conv.exe (Cause : Empty / Invalid version (hprof-conv / / ))
Verbose [18-01-01 13:24:29] Removing C:\Program Files (x86)\platform-tools\fastboot.exe (Cause : Empty / Invalid version (fastboot / / ))
Verbose [18-01-01 13:24:29] Removing C:\Program Files (x86)\platform-tools\etc1tool.exe (Cause : Empty / Invalid version (etc1tool / / ))
Verbose [18-01-01 13:24:29] Removing C:\Program Files (x86)\platform-tools\dmtracedump.exe (Cause : Empty / Invalid version (dmtracedump / / ))
Verbose [18-01-01 13:24:29] Removing C:\Program Files (x86)\platform-tools\adb.exe (Cause : Empty / Invalid version (adb / / ))

So I think the file I mentioned above will be the only way to detect the installed version.
SUMo.log (51,752 bytes)


2019-07-26 02:50

reporter   ~0003609

Does this issue persist with the current version of Android Studio?

I've installed Android Studio. And installing some other tools in that context failed on my computer. I don't get these components reported. And I can't use debug mode of SUMo seriously anymore as a SUMo scan session is much longer than fits into the SUMo log file with my configuration of SUMo. I get Android Studio detected as well as 7 other components. According to SUMo, my version of Android Studio is up to date as well as one component while 6 components are consider outdated.


2019-07-26 10:04

administrator   ~0003611

So may I close this issue ? (and reopen later if required ?)


2019-07-26 18:03

reporter   ~0003617

I didn't check yet. I didn't execute this Android Studio yet. So I don't know yet if this installation is already complete, guessing some parts still missing for productive use.

The components I see reported by SUMo aren't these platform tools although they should come with Android Studio. Those components reported have a different close by storage location though. Without better filtering options for SUMo and SUMo verbose mode, it will be difficult for my installation to answer. Ataraxias note shows why SUMo wasn't able to report at that time (missing resp. empty file version info).

I see more components of Android Studio then there are reported. Some are not reported because the have file version info with empty version field. Other components have a complete file version info for file types EXE and DLL and don't see reported neither. Is it possible that SUMo consolidates different subproducts and its subcomponents too aggressively?

I.e. I see a component which is a (sub-) product on itself (and exists also independant of Android Studio) called In


2019-07-26 18:29

reporter   ~0003618

I don't know what happened here in Mantis. I wasn't finished with my note and Mantis already submitted although I wasn't submitting.

So I continue that one such product is called IntelliJ Platform, consisting of several components at several versions. In my SUMo report list, I see that product listed as version SUMo reported path tells me it has chosen the restarter component for reporting. But I've no idea why the other components of different version aren't reported although at least some also have complete file version info!

Then there are many components of Android Studio not reported which are coming in JAR-format. Then there are several components which are not reported which don't have a file extension. This does not imply that they don't have file version info.

So if the original reporter doesn't pursue anymore this issue, it seems to me better to adapt the subject slightly, replacing "detected" by "reported" and keep it open and continue analysis, not limited to those platform tools but covering the components of Android Studio product altogether.

I didn't see yet these platform tools although they should be included in Android Studio. I expect at least some of these platform tools now with file version info. So I can't yet report if these platform tools may be addressed by SUMo via proper SUMo configuration already (deep scan and additional folder setting).

For the other components, I'm awaiting feed back on the current state of SUMo implementation for version handling of JAR-files as the most common form of components. I guess that solution to these type specific component reporting will come and scheduled for long term. Further analysis may show if a splitting and grouping of this issue seems more appropriate handling in Mantis. Better understanding of the situation after further analysis hopefully will show. I'm ready to continue analysis.

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