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0004762DUMo ServerBugpublic2019-06-10 21:54
Reporter100PIER Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
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Product Version2.14 
Summary0004762: Samsung NVme driver for 950PRO&960PRO/EVO family is v2.3.0.1709 (12 Oct 2017), for SM951/961 family is v2.4.7.0 dated of 2016
DescriptionWhen do you plan to fix the wrong information about Samsung NVMe driver version for 950PRO & 960PRO/EVO family products ?
I have 960PRO and 960EVO devices. The correct version is v2.3.0.1709 dated on 12th October 2017.
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2018-03-17 12:23


DUMO_Samsung_NVMe_BUG.PNG (36,296 bytes)   
DUMO_Samsung_NVMe_BUG.PNG (36,296 bytes)   

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