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0005000SUMo Server[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-07-05 21:28
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Summary0005000: Change links for update pages in SUMo Pro
DescriptionI thought that main advantage for SUMo Pro is to quickly and easily find and download latest updates, but when I started to do it I found that from more than hundred software only 12 links went to download pages. Others either went to main page or went nowhere.
For those that went to main page in some cases it was taking a lot of time to find correct page where I can download updates.
E.g. Microsoft products went only to
I prepared for you an Excel table with links to update pages for programs I used.
In some cases you need to take into consideration version numbers, architecture (x86/x64) and type of release (public, beta) to correctly provide link to update page.
There are 2 not so official links and there are 2 programs which have 2 different links. You could choose which to use.
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2018-07-03 07:29


SUMo Pro.xlsx (14,561 bytes)


2018-07-05 09:39

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Some updates

SUMo Pro2.xlsx (10,255 bytes)


2018-07-05 21:28

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Thanks !

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