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0005533SUMoRefactoringpublic2019-06-04 23:20
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Summary0005533: Product name consolidation of Microsoft products
DescriptionI configured SUMo to do deep scan, include Microsoft products and ignore beta version reporting.

As SUMo implementation doesn't handle Microsoft product reporting not yet correctly, its reports are very unreliable. As a work-around, I've put many undue notifications into SUMo ignore list. A look into the ignore list doesn't reveal though what the current state is of Microsoft release nor SUMo update on that feature.

Please do a look up of Microsoft product names on SUMo server
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Then you'll see that identical products are listed several times under different names in different languages although they carry the same product name and display its names just localized.

With IrfanView you report the product name with its original file name. Localization doesn't have different binary nor size nor time stamp nor file name. The only difference is the language file in a sub folder for localization.

For most Microsoft products its similar. Localization doesn't use different binaries at least for western languages. Nevertheless SUMo server identifies one and the same product once in English, once in German, once in some other language (Greek ?). I'm almost sure that this other language isn't displayed correctly.

Just as an example, 3D Text screen saver is reported once as 32 bit edition, once as 64 bit edition and once as German 64 bit edition which doesn't exist. ODBC Administrator is reported once as ODBC Administrator, once as ODBC-Administrator, once as Àäìèíèñòðàòîð ODBC. Character Map is once reported as Character Map, once as Zeichentabelle. Blank Screen Saver is once reported as Blank Screen Saver, once as Blank Screen Saver 64 bits, once as Leerer Bildschirmschoner, once as Leerer Bildschirmschoner 64 bits. Always this German name has no German binary for the recent versions of Windows, its just the operating system localization in reporting.

This Windows operating system localization may even change in recent versions of western Windows edition if you switch localization (Windows key + space key) to any other localization previously configured. You can lookup already configured languages at the language code beside the time in system tray.
Steps To ReproduceEnable Microsoft product reporting in SUMo settings,
perform a SUMo scan,
followed by SUMo check,
sort the resulting report by company name,
and analyze the section with company name Microsoft or its subsidiaries not yet consolidated in SUMo like SysInternals
Additional InformationIn the current implementation, SUMo has a switch to enable Microsoft product reporting. SUMo warns not to use it due to operating system dependancy. I guess issue will introduce options to better care for this operating system dependancy but which will not be implemented before next major version. Microsoft Office is included with that switch. Most of it is obviously not part of Windows. But there exist many other tools of Microsoft which extent Windows like Robocopy of Windows Server tools, some Microsoft Research tools, Sysinternals tools which was bought and integrated by Microsoft more than a decade ago. Onto which extent do you consider them part of Windows or separate products?

I ignored that warning of SUMo and have it enabled on all my devices. This blows up the resulting report and hence also analysis of it as long as the above mentioned issue isn't implemented and beta detection not improved. I wish many more SUMo users are able to cope with and willing to enable it in order to improve its quality. Currently very few active users have it enabled as SUMo server indicates.
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related to 0005528 acknowledgedKyle_Katarn Render Microsoft product reporting more reliable with improved distinction between beta and release, and scanning vs reporting 



2019-06-04 23:20

reporter   ~0003443

With changing the input method to another configured language, SUMo client doesn't change behaviour, still keeping the configured localization (beside keyboard layout).

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