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0005605SUMoBugpublic2019-08-03 11:29
Reporterwolf Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
PlatformNotebookOSWindows 10 64-bit editionOS Version1809
Product Version5.9.4 
Summary0005605: Sporadic loss of SUMo main window
DescriptionSUMo scan and check actions take a lot of time on my computer with my SUMo configuration although having a powerful notebook with sufficient and quick resources. So it happens several times that I decide to minimize the SUMo main window during this SUMo action in order to proceed with other tasks while the SUMo popup window for that action still is not minimized. SUMo main window is not minimized as other Windows programs but instead on the bottom left corner of the desktop, not into an icon but instead into a short title bar. The icon in the taskbar relates to all SUMo windows (main window and popup window). And it indicates progress of current SUMo action.

If I can't find the SUMo main window anymore, even after minimizing all program windows of all current programs, I usually can get back to the SUMo windows via its icon in the Windows task bar. But sometimes, there is no mouse-over reaction, and sometimes, there is the usual mouse-over reaction showing all or one SUMo thumb window. While usually clicking on it, leads to reopen the existing window turning minimized title bar back into standard window display, sometimes there is no such window being restored and instead temporarily shadows of several former popup windows and more transparent empty shadow of main window displayed including the unrelated iconified window of the running task manager display. What's going wrong in that situation?
How may I handle such a situation?
How long do I need to wait?
And why is that transparent empty shadow not only shown of the SUMo main window but also the Windows task manager window which is of a different process group?
Additional InformationOne work around is to ask the Windows mouse-over window to close the program window(s) and to start SUMo again with its 30 minute startup operation (in case of my SUMo configuration). That's an annoying work around because I may need to repeat the previously requested SUMo action again usually taking more time then SUMo startup.
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related to 0005579 feedbackKyle_Katarn tray icon disappears periodically 



2019-07-29 18:56

administrator   ~0003642

What does log file say in such conditions ?
I've seen this maybe once or twice during all SUMo development phase... unable to explain nor reproduce.


2019-07-30 13:09

reporter   ~0003646

I've difficulties accessing the log file outside SUMo. But with some tricks, I was able to access it before harshly closing any SUMo instance via task bar where the icon was still present. I didn't save that log file. It seemed that the recent entries in the log file were of a different date, and most interestingly the few lines before closing were of a totally different date.

In the past few days I had another few cases of lost GUI. Once it was due to Windows pointing device drivers resulting in unintended ordinarily closing via the top right crossbar of Windows Window manager. In the other cases, there wasn't left any SUMo icon in the task bar nor a SUMo process in the Windows task manager. So it seems that these other cases were some crash and at least for one of these cases, nothing strange was in log file seemingly closing normally. So that means that this combination with log file and crash wasn't unhandled but catched in some way in order to result into a clean close nevertheless, not knowing the reason for closure.

So when time permits, I may try to reproduce the situation reported initially. I remind that SUMo is configured for standard logging, not knowing if changing to verbose would prevent reproducing this situation. So when reproducing as is, I may save the log file and send the concerned bottom (most recent records) accompanied by some comments about context. Is this what you're interested in for further analysis?


2019-07-30 19:28

administrator   ~0003648

Thanks ! May be related to 0005579 ?


2019-07-31 16:14

reporter   ~0003654

I can't evaluate on the root cause as I don't know it yet nor have an indication. So I don't know if the root cause is the same. I can firmly state that symptoms and context are completely different for the initial observation.

Concerning the other observations of assumed handled crash as described in the middle of my last note, I can say that while context is completely different, the symptoms to 0005579 are closer.

In my initial situation, I never changed SUMo configuration to run iconified. And the symptom is completely different. The SUMo popup window remains open and does not include the windows symbols on the top right for iconification, maximation (full screen) nor closure. And the main SUMo (background) window doesn't get iconified in the Windows sense but instead uses a different similar mode turning to the bottom left corner of the Windows desktop horizontal above the Windows task bar with just showing the shortened SUMo title bar without window content.

So Mouse-hover over the persisting icon of SUMo in the Windows task bar should show a thumb preview of the checking popup windos and of the SUMo main window. But when that minimized SUMo window gots lost, I get about five or more SUMo thumb window previews instead of the expected two. These previews include the expected two ones (with empty content of the main window) but additional popup windows seemingly with check note at different close-by location on the desktop. Don't know if these additional Windows symptoms are relevant. And when the initial SUMo check operation has finished with popup window closed automatically, the Windows symptoms didn't change. There may be a relation to another old known and reported issue with the Mouse-hover symptom always showing in the preview not the last window situation but instead the preceeding window situation (2nd last window situation).


2019-08-03 11:29

administrator   ~0003657


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