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0000006K-MLBugpublic2006-03-16 23:20
ReporterRemy Assigned ToKyle_Katarn  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.31 
Summary0000006: No buffer space is available
DescriptionWhen we send a quite big HTML page (a newsletter with many pictures for instance) I get the following error message when KML reach around 400 contacts:

Erreur d'exécution '10055':
No buffer space is available

After this message the computer freeze and I can only reboot.

The most annoying thing is that KML doesn't log the contacts the mail has been already sent to. That's really a pb for professional use since you need to avoid spaming people.

Then I have to divide my mailing list to 300 contacts multiple files and reboot between each sent to be safe.
Additional InformationI didn't try the latest version 3.31.345 yet to notice if it has been fixed.
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2006-02-25 10:59

administrator   ~0000006

More details :;en-us;196271


2006-02-25 11:01

administrator   ~0000007

Another technical detail :

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