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KC Softwares activities are to be terminated by end of October 2023.
All products are to be considered as End-Of-Life (EOL) on October 31st 2023.
Sales are stopped.

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KFK is a user friendly file splitter. with KFK you can chop large files into smaller chunks. It can help you transferring a large file on floppy disks or a larger file on CD or DVD.
KFK can also burn the files onto CD/DVD and generate an automatic rebuild file so that KFK is not required to regenerate the original file.


  • User friendly file split/rebuild interface.
  • Notepad's cut splits files into 60 Kb files.
  • CDRom's cut splits files into 650/700Mb files.
  • USB Key's cut splits files into 64/128/256Mb files.
  • Disk Spanning (multi-floppy disks backups)
  • Supports CD Burning (Requires CopyToDVD)
  • Full Unicode support : works with every characters set in the world !
  • Multithreaded application core : Maximum efficiency without freezing the application.
  • Internationalization support.


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Awards & Reviews

  GIGA (German)
  Lo4d (English)
  MadDownload (English)


  English (by Kyle Katarn)
  French (by Kyle Katarn)
  Traditionnal Chinese (by John Hsu a.k.a. "koko")
  Chinese (by xinyucn)
  Dutch (by Laurens de Vos)
  Hungarian (by Peter Varga)
  Italian (by Luca Snoriguzzi)
  German (by Peter Busch)
  Polish (by Cienislaw)
  Czech (by Balu Tbj)
  Catalan (by Jesus Moreno)
  Russian (by Glitter)
  Portuguese (by Joao Paulo Barbosa)
  Spanish (by A.T.O.R.@MTY.Mexico)
  Ukranian (by Zenoviy)
  Danish (by Jens P Jensen Tonajt)
  Indonesian (by Anangga Pratama)
  Serbian (by Ozzii)
  Spanish (by Jaad)
  Galician (by Jose Antonio Giz Paz)
  Latvian (by Armands Radzuoka)
  Portuguese (by Sergio Barroso)
  Romanian (by Stefan Ionesco)
  Finnish (by Jesse)
  Russian (by Eugene Korolyov)
  Estonian (by Kristjan Kahur)
  Korean (by 4Li)
  Albanian (by Durim Tabaku)
  Hebrew (by Peter G)
  Norwegian (by Steinar Garhovd)
  Belarussian (by Kulakievich Uladzislau)
  Slovenian (by Stanislav RUPAR)
  Turkish (by Taner Dag)
  Greek (by geogeo)

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