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KC Softwares activities are to be terminated by end of October 2023.
All products are to be considered as End-Of-Life (EOL) on October 31st 2023.
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SUMo icon K-Mail Complete SMTP Client for Visual Basic 6©


K-Mail is an Active-X component for Microsoft Visual Basic 6. Thanks to K-Mail you can very easily send emails from your VB6 application. K-Mail supports HTML messages with images and sound, multiple attachments, worldwide characters sets, priority levels... This only requires a few lines of code. K-Mail's developper's package contains an help file and a sample application : complete SMTP (email) client source code.


  • Pure Winsock SMTP client.
  • HTML (multipart alternative) support. Embedded Images support.
  • Base64 atachment encoding.
  • Multiple charsets support.
  • Priority and Acknoledgement of receipt support.
  • Error handling and monitoring functions.
  • Includes a complete SMTP e-Mail client as sample application (full Visual Basic 6 source code).


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