Update page keeps loading to shop page

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Update page keeps loading to shop page

Post by peteyt »

Not sure if this is a bug or a change for non pro users

When double clicking on an update in Sumo and opening the page that shows the version, flags and how many users have it installed, after a minute or so it will load https://kcsoftwares.com/?buy and I have to hit the back button to see that information again. This can be annoying if I have a few update tabs open.

Part of the reason I open the page is some versions I don't mind using Beta versions but some programs I will only use their stable versions and currently there is no way to ignoring specific beta's for certain apps, so I often open multiple tabs to see version information. Also some beta's are actually alphas, nightly releases etc.

I can understand why this might be happening, to try and encourage users to upgrade to pro but as It's only started happening in the last month or so I thought I would bring it up in case it is unintentional.

I would like to add that I do like the program, and I do understand that as most people will probably just use the free version, the developer will need to make some money to maintain it. However I'm not in a great position right now and would maybe consider one day upgrading however there are not enough extra features in my opinion as compared with the pro version.

Having extra control over things like the beta idea and direct links to download files when available would certainly be worth the upgrade but I can understand that would be very hard.
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Re: Update page keeps loading to shop page

Post by Kyle_Katarn »


The delayed redirection from SUMo page to the shop page is of course affecting SUMo Free users only. SUMo PRO users can :
- either chosse to have access to the SUMo page (without redirection to shop) OR
- direct redirection to developper site, in order to easily download update installers.
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