Software Update Monitor not working?

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Software Update Monitor not working?

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I recently bought the license for the SUMo Update Monitor with the hope that it will do the automatic update for the applications that I have installed in my computer.After I activated the license,I see that not only does not make updates to my applications,but more seriously,SUMo don't make the connection with the links update,either from SUMo page,either from the developer's site(Direct).
Is a freak that before I buy the license (free version)I could update my applications from the two sources,and now they don't work anything from SUMo Update Monitor.I want to think it's a mistake of the server and not a fraud.Please enlightened me.
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Re: Software Update Monitor not working?

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SUMo is an update MONITOR not an automatic updater.
We prefer to leave the user in full control and to ease update, but we do not want SUMo to "deploy" software on end user machine.

Please contact our tech support ( ) if you want to discuss this further